Choose Laural Starr and you will be in good hands.

My wife and I first met Laural Starr as our property manager. As our property manager she was the most diligent, considerate and friendly property manager we have ever met. After renting with her for 3 years we decided to purchase our own home. Of course we thought of Laural first. The real estate business (realtors) is very competitive and so we were approached by a few wanting our business. We could tell right away that most (if not all) lack that personal touch. From the start of our search Laural was super dilgent in looking for our new home in the best neighborhoods we could afford, she truly treated us like she would treat her own family. Caring and considerate of our needs she worked tirelessly trying to find our perfect home. Just a short while later she found it and moved quickly to secure it in the ultra competitive housing market here in Ventura. We were able to close on our dream home and Laural was able to help us beat out the many other buyers who were also looking to close on the property. I can say with 100% confidence that you will not find a more diligent, considerate, compassionate, knowledgeable realtor in Ventura County. Choose Laural Starr and you will be in good hands.